Monday, August 18, 2014


It came suddenly without prior notice or awareness.
This virus sneaked into my country to destabilize our 'not-so-perfect' life.
However, I never really thought deeply about it.
Though in the medical field, I studied about this disease and the virus, 
attended seminars and gained knowledge.
Plus, I was sure of God's protection (and still am) over me,
my family, friends and well wishers.
No evil shall befall us neither shall any plague come near our dwelling.
I moved on with this faith. and i never felt an atom of empathy 
because i never took into cognizance what the experience is like. 

One day it struck me hard. Again, I saw a clip on YouTube about the horrible nature of this virus, and how it terminates life easily. Like lightening, a thought flashed
through my mind and i thought: "this could be my loved ones infected with this virus, or even me". immediately i shut my eyes to hold the tears that built
up at that thought. i searched my mind on what i would feel if this was happening to me. i am no better than the people that were infected, the people that died from this viral infection.
the tears built stronger and escaped my EYES. I WEPT.

"And so, what next?" You might ask. this experience helped me to be more grateful.
It helped me to look at life with gratitude and appreciation of Life's beauty.
Now that I have life, I had better lived right because i am not sure of tomorrow. No one is. It would be useless to live long without affecting lives; likewise
if I live for a short while.

I decide to hold nothing too dear and give everything I have to this life I am favoured to have. What shall it profit a man...(i guess you know the remainder)

Therefore I will live everyday as if it is my last day on earth. I tell you, only an evil man, 
an unbeliever - one who doesn't know and accept Jesus as Lord
and saviour, who claims to be born-again and still live and inhabit in sin, 
would be afraid of death even Ebola death.

Even so, wisdom is profitable to direct, says the Bible (Word of God). 
There is need for adherence to instructions on preventive measures against this
deadly microorganism. Prevention is better than cure. The diagram below should help.

Your health is great wealth. Be wise and remember, Life is Beautiful.

love - SimplyEbere