Saturday, March 22, 2014

Achieving your goals

It is a great thing to have one's goals and aims achieved. Thinking of buying a house for five years past? And the worst parts being that people know that you should have bought that house. You know how frustrating that could be.

So it was for me. I have so many songs. I sing and write. People around me acknowledge the fact that I am gifted. They keep asking, "when will you do your songs?" Questions like that are hard to answer. I would just say things like "very soon" "don't worry".

That I did until I decided to get out of my shell and do something about my dreams and aspirations. I don't care if I have to go hungry. This dream must come true. So I arose and made a move.

Today, I can boast of my single track released in March. One of my best songs that I have. Now that I have started, there is no turning back.

I am set to fulfill my mandate on earth. Likewise you. Spread your wings and fly. Let you light shine that the whole world may see the glory and gifts of God upon your life.

Out can download my song "Love of God" here: for free.

Spread the word and share the Love.